A Kirstie Alley Fan No More

Once upon a time I was a Kirstie Alley fan…well, what happened, you ask, that would change my mind?  Well, evidently she has decided to go on some kind of anti-MOTHERS Act–or what she refers to as MOTHER F_ _ _ERS Act (real nice) kick–leading all her fans and Twitter followers out there, just as the Pied Piper led all the mice that were blinded by his music….a perfect analogy in my opinion because these people are blinded by ignorance that breeds fear and conspiracy theories.

By the mere mention of the word “screening” these people choose to believe the government is out to get everyone because it couldn’t possibly want to do something to actually help people. They choose to jump to the conclusion that we are moving to a “1984”-like society with Big Brother moving in on us. Wow, that was an amazing leap, cuz nowhere in the bill does it say that screening is mandatory! 

And by the mere mention of the word “treatment” these people jump to the conclusion that we are now going to force all mothers out there to swallow pills. Um, okay then.  Again, the bill does not state such a ridiculous notion.  I read some of the exchanges and stopped because it was all a bit much and was giving me indigestion.  I get it, you’re angry.  You hate the government.  You hate meds.  But DO NOT stand in the way of what can make such a positive difference in the lives of so many women who are currently suffering (or will suffer) from postpartum depression…what many people even today don’t even acknowledge as a real illness.

I see the bill as an opportunity to educate this country on an illness that more women have suffered from than people will ever know. It’s also an opportunity to get increased funding in research to improve medications and discover more alternative treatment options, as well as an increase in postpartum support services.

Kirstie, you can accuse me of being naïve all you want, but hear this. Screening–which again is NOT mandatory– is having a doctor ask the patient a few questions to determine if she is feeling alright. What in the world can be the harm in that?!  Plus, the woman has THE RIGHT to decline if she so desires.   We are in a free country, aren’t we?  Personally, I wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. And by the way, what the heck is the harm in that anyway? Oh, yeah, that’s right….those with conspiracy theories think this is an invasion of privacy…another Big Brother ploy by the government.

Kirstie, did you even bother to consider that, if a woman is suffering from depression during pregnancy and is diagnosed at that point, it will improve her chances of getting some form of treatment and support early on so it doesn’t follow her postpartum?!  Heck, if my OB/GYN and his staff had screened me once it was determined I had insomnia (at 6 weeks postpartum, which should have been so obvious that I had PPD rather than the blues), I could’ve been spared the painful journey that I traveled in the following weeks.

Kirstie, if you think you are doing a noble deed and helping other moms out there with respect to perinatal mood disorders, then think again. Instead of blocking progress, do something that will make progress happen.

Kirstie, let me ask you. Are you and others like you willing to take the charge and educate the public about perinatal mood disorders? Will you champion this cause? Because that’s the key to banishing the stigma and myths, the major hurdles to women seeking help for a perinatal mood disorder.

Kirstie, do you know what the occurrence rate of PPD is in this country? Probably not. All you and others like you choose to focus on is one thing and only one thing. Your conspiracy theories. Just remember that, as long as society remains ignorant about PPD the stigma associated with mental illnesses–particularly around a time that is supposed to be happy (i.e., childbirth)–will continue to keep mothers mouths shut and suffering unnecessarily in silence.

Another hurdle is people not realizing the difference between the blues and PPD. Just in the past week, I spoke to 2 people who didn’t know the difference. Why doesn’t everyone not realize what symptoms to look out for? Because there is a shameful lack of information made available to the public. What we need are: MORE EDUCATION, MORE RESEARCH, MORE SUPPORT SERVICES. This, ladies and gents is what this country needs if we want to stop the silent suffering of mothers!

Without a federal mandate, more women are going to continue suffering unnecessarily, families will be torn apart, and deaths will occur…all because there aren’t enough resources and funding out there to make a difference at the rate we are progressing, which is at a snail’s pace. Simply unacceptable!


11 thoughts on “A Kirstie Alley Fan No More

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and glad you find my posts interesting! Hope you really will continue to visit my blog (and spread the word too)!

  1. this is the first post i’ve read of yours….i like you already! you go girl!

    Sue McRoberts
    PPD survivor
    author of The Lifter of My Head: How God Sustained me During Postpartum Depression

  2. I actually heard someone on the radio the other day say that if the bill passes that all moms will be FORCED into screening and if they didn’t “pass” their babies would be taken from them. Can you believe that?
    I was screened, I didn’t “pass”, I had nonstop images of hurting my baby…but my child was never taken away from me…I am so thankful that I was screened because it was the only way I could open up about how I was really feeling…and by the way, when I was getting help I was never forced to take medication. I was privided with therapy, support groups and even a postpartum doula to help me bond with my baby. I had the option to use medication but it was never in any way forced.

  3. Surely you must know that Kirstie Alley isn’t doing this on her own, right? She is a mouthpiece for CCHR, “Citizens Commission on Human Rights,” a Scientology front group.

    She’s just the celebrity puppet, and Scientology controls her strings. Ever since L. Ron Hubbard’s book, Dianetics, was roundly rejected by the mental health community in the 50s, Scientology has been the sworn enemy of the mental health professions; including psychology, psychiatry, and medicine.

    CCHR and Scientology are not above using false information and fear mongering to get people on their side.

    Kirstie Alley’s series of poorly spelled tweets are full of it. And you know what ‘it’ is!

    She’s spewing crazy lies such as this:
    “BABIES HAVING PROZAC squirted in there eyes at birth to prevent depression later on. HELLO 1984.. I will keep you informed. It is brutal!”

    O NOEZ!!! Prozac eyedrops for babies! Won’t somebody think of the children?? Only problem is, nobody has ever heard of this practice. It doesn’t exist. Other Twitters of hers assert that the Mothers Act will result in “forced drugging” of mothers and their children.

    It’s really disgusting, the depths the Scientology organization will stoop to in its quest to create an ideal Scientology society.
    Read more on Alley and her lies here:

    • Imomimous,
      Thanks for your comments. I didn’t have a chance to check out the link you sent me til now. I’m going to include that link in a new post right now!

  4. I sent her some twitter messages yesterday, but with everyone on the bandwagon I am sure they got lost in the mix…grr…I HATE when celebrities use their marketing power to persuade people into their political camp. This is NOT a political issue. I just don’t get why people honestly believe that screening could do anything but help someone. What, its better to not screen someone and risk making them “uncomfortable” and chance a further slippage into depression or psychosis…right…I totally get it now (NOT)!

    • Yeah, I hate that celebrities form their own conclusions that are so far off base, trying to turn people against a bill that people should be embracing, not protesting. I think her friendship with Travolta has a lot to do with this. Anyway, despite her fan base and the words she chooses to use to stir up outcries, in the end the bill WILL PASS. Anti pharma people have their own crazy agenda, which is blinding them to what this bill is really about. They should do their due diligence before spouting off the kind of ridiculous claims they’re making!

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