Get the Lowdown on Kirstie Alley’s False Claims

More on Kirstie Alley’s false claims about the Melanie Stokes MOTHERS Act a la Postpartum Progress author Katherine Stone.  Thanks Katherine for shedding more light on how ridiculous Kirstie’s claims really are, and in the long run, she may have 22,000+ Twitter followers, but the truth will prevail!   Yes, I had mentioned to Katherine the other day that I finally set up my account on Twitter, which is something I’ve been hesitant to do because as most people who know me realize, I can’t keep my messages to 140 words, let alone 140 characters, at a shot!  I have to learn to be more succinct…I tend to get wordy as I try to get things off my chest…which is very therapeutic….too bad I wasn’t blogging in ’05 when Tom Cruise was making his lunatic rantings (which now seem tame next to Kirstie’s super-lunatic and highly offensive rantings) … anyway….

Some other sites that have joined in on pointing out her desperate attempts to turn everyone against this legislation:

The last thing this country needs are celebrities using their spotlight to their advantage, only to spout such false claims !!!


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