Nurse Practitioner School’s Top 50 Postpartum Support Blogs

Just a real quickie from me today….I am honored my blog made it to the Nurse Practitioner School’s top 50 postpartum support blogs for consumers and clinicians.  Please check out this great list of resources that can empower expectant parents with information–remember, knowledge is power–and provide helpful resources and support to new parents experiencing a postpartum mood disorder.


2 thoughts on “Nurse Practitioner School’s Top 50 Postpartum Support Blogs

  1. hello ivy,

    i’m writing to ask about offering support to someone in ppd. my sister is suffering yet is not welcoming any support. do you have any suggestions of actions people took to support you that you found helpful?

    thank you

    • Myriam,
      So, you’re saying that you and other family members have tried to offer her help even if she doesn’t ask you for any, and she refuses any/all kind of help? Is she seeking any help from a medical or mental health practitioner? Perhaps she just doesn’t want to trouble anyone and have you see her in such a state? Perhaps if you were to specifically tell her the ways you’d like to try to help, she may take you up on your offer. Or ask her to come up with a specific task with which she needs help. Think of ways you can help her get more rest and/or get out of the house.
      o Help her watch the baby so you can get some rest or go out for a walk or an errand
      o Swing by with lunch and keep her company
      o Go with her and the baby on walks and/or errands
      o Run an errand for her, like grocery shopping
      o Take her to her to a doctor’s appointment
      Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps a little.

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