Here’s to Public Awareness about PPD…More of This Kind of Accurate Reporting is Needed!

A real quickie from me today……Check out this recent piece on  It’s a great example of the kind of information that should be more frequently made available to the public about postpartum depression (PPD)….not like those misleading articles in magazines (the most recent one I can think of was in Vanity Fair) that add to the misconceptions about PPD.  It’s chockfull of very important and useful information about PPD, including the following:

  1. One mom’s experience with it, plus links to 2 other moms who talk about their experiences on (in my opinion, very well written);
  2. why many women are afraid to speak up about/seek treatment for it;
  3. the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act and how it, once passed, can help fund related research and education, provide training to medical professionals, and increase treatment options and support services;
  4. difference between the blues and PPD;
  5. the hormonal/neurochemical/psychological/social factors that can lead a woman at risk to get PPD (and for some the depression begins during pregnancy);
  6. how moms with PPD can–and should–get help (and how they should NOT wait or try to tough it out and suffer silently); and
  7. last but definitely not least….importance of the new mother taking care of herself and getting the help (emotional, practical) she needs.

Other newspapers, magazines, etc. should follow this wonderful example of accurate reporting that provides helpful links to PPD stories and other resources.  We need more of this kind of reporting to help banish misconceptions, or myths, about motherhood–PPD included!  The public needs to be aware how prevalent PPD really is, it shouldn’t be confused with the blues (which about 80% of new mothers get), and that it should be taken seriously. 

Happy mothers mean happy babies.  Mothers deserve and need rest and support!  

Knowlege is power, folks….and don’t you forget it!

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