Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Resources

Just a real quickie from me today….In case you hadn’t seen 2 recent posts over at Postpartum Progress, one of which is on PPD after miscarriage or stillbirth, and the other on the difference between grief and depression after pregnancy loss.   In one post, Katherine Stone links to a mother’s struggle with PPD after miscarriage.  In the post, she links to pregnancy loss/infertility websites that can help those currently struggling with the devastation caused by such experiences.  I’ve added those links to my site (under Pregnancy Loss/Infertility Websites), since as I mentioned in my previous post on my IVF experience, women who have suffered a pregnancy loss(es) and/or infertility are at greater risk for PPD after a successful pregnancy…or even adoption.  I’m highlighting this info for you because I have had to struggle with both, and want anyone going through this to know there are resources and support out there.   And of course, PLEASE feel free to reach out to me anytime you need to!

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