Speak Up When You Hear Ignorant Comments About PPD

I wasn’t planning to post anything until Tuesday, November 17th, which is the blog for Prematurity Awareness Day…that is, until I saw the incredibly ignorant comments about PPD in the chain of comments on the Wall Street Journal Blog post “Medications During Pregnancy: A Vexing Dilemma” that Katherine over at Postpartum Progress pointed out on her blog yesterday.   The Wall Street Journal Blog should post “Ignorance & Stigma of Postpartum Depression:  A Vexing Dilemma.”  Progress in destigmatization of depression and postpartum depression entails addressing such remarks whenever they are heard.  Simply ignoring them won’t accomplish anything, least of all public awareness.    For all those who are PPD survivors, whenever you hear people say off-the-mark comments about PPD, speak up and be heard! 

Here’s the comment (or actually 2 comments, but most likely from the same person):

“PPD is temporary depression. Anyone who is clinically depressed is different. You may be clinically depressed and don’t know it, get PPD which triggers your depression tendencies and it becomes long term due to the trigger.  I think we need to be very very careful how we use the terminology due to confusion with the actual illnesss and the opposite of temporarily being down and out.”

“Go back to work and put the kid in daycare and PPD will go away. It’s a phase, its not clinical depression.”

Here’s my response:

“Get real….you are obviously not educated or experienced with regard to depression, or postpartum depression for that matter. I can see you getting your jollies by posting something so far out of the ballpark as to be orbiting in another solar system that has nothing to do with planet Earth. I can see why you are posting anonymously…..afraid to reveal who you really are because deep down inside you know how wrong you are. Postpartum depression (PPD) IS CLINICAL DEPRESSION. By suggesting that PPD isn’t clinical depression is invalidating the experiences of all women who have or are currently suffering from it. It’s people like you that stand in the way of y destigmatizing PPD and consequently keeping women suffering in silence.

Also, Anonymous, by suggesting that the remedy for PPD is going back to work and putting your kid in daycare is ludicrous. You obviously know nothing about depression because if you did you would know that no one who has true depression can just snap out of it or will their depression away. That most definitely includes PPD. Read up, be educated:

It could be this person is mistaking the blues for PPD, but it doesn’t matter.  Don’t post something you clearly know nothing about!   The only thing it will accomplish is to show others how ignorant you really are!


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