Fellow PPD Blogger’s PPD Video on WebMD

Just a real quickie from me today to share the PPD video of fellow blogger over at Beyond Postpartum, Amber Koter Puline.  It’s a great video, so please be sure to check it out!   

For those who are currently struggling with PPD, a reminder to NEVER give up hope.  You will be well again.  And once you are, I hope you will join in awareness and advocacy efforts of other PPD survivors!    With education, there will be less ignorance.  With less ignorance, there will be less stigma.  We need more PPD videos like Amber’s, more PPD blogs, more media coverage on PPD (that’s accurate) in newspapers, magazines, and television.  But what you can do that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money or effort is to simply speak up about your PPD experience.  Fear not, you are far from alone in your experience!  Remember the statistics.  One out of eight new moms–that’s 15% of all new mothers out there–experience a postpartum mood disorder.


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