Loss of My Favorite Teacher, My Friend and A True Inspiration

Just a short post from me today.  For the first time, I am straying from the topic of postpartum depression.  I just had to get these thoughts off my chest that are weighing heavy and sad on me at the moment….

Today, a Christmas card I had sent to Mr. Roark, my former high school biology teacher (my favorite teacher ever), bounced back (this is the first card that’s ever bounced back in 27 yrs), which gave me a very bad feeling.  Without any info on his next of kin, after some digging around on the Internet, I was finally able to confirm that he’d passed away April 24, 2009. I wanted him to still be around to see my book published…I was going to acknowledge/thank him in the Acknowledgments section of my book.   Of course, I’m still planning to do so, but [as words fail me]…this is just so sad.  😦

Mr. Roark was my inspiration for taking on such an interest in Biology in high school and college.  He was one of the only friends I had in those six dreaded years in high school where, if you’ve read my previous posts, I didn’t really have any friends at all.  If it weren’t for him, I might never have made it through those years.

I can’t help but feel regret that I did not keep in closer touch with him.  I tried to, but each time I asked him for his email address and telephone number in the Christmas cards I sent him every year, he didn’t give me that info in the Christmas card that he never failed to send back to me.  I’m glad I had a chance to see him about a decade or so ago, when he was living in Maryland (which is where he moved after he left New Jersey) and before he moved to Newport News, VA.  I’m glad my husband had a chance to meet him then.

I will miss him dearly.  The memory of him will always stay close to my heart.  I wish I could’ve showed him my book.  I would like to think that he would’ve been so proud.


5 thoughts on “Loss of My Favorite Teacher, My Friend and A True Inspiration

  1. hey
    im so touched by reading this.i was looking for some article on teacher and was thinking about my teacher.its beem ages that i have contacted her.im calling her this very moment.thank you so much.

  2. I have just contacted my favorite teacher from high school. After reading your story I am glad I didn’t wait. Life is to short to not tell people what an impact they had on you.

    • I am really glad you were able to contact your favorite teacher from high school. Have you been out of touch w/him (or her) for a while? Yeah, I should’ve tried harder to get a phone number or something so I could stay in touch w/my teacher in-between the annual Christmas card. You are absolutely right, life is way too short not to tell someone that they had such an impact on you. Now, I am in the process of trying to get a hold of my English teacher who I also want to credit in my book, but I have been out of touch w/him since ’82. I called my school and all they could tell me was what year he retired. I did an Internet search for him and couldn’t find a single reference for him. I am going to have to do more digging.

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