Happy First Birthday

Well, ladies (and gentlemen)….it’s been one year since I started up my blog (which was technically on February 6, 2009), and it’s going pretty strong, thanks to the support of my fellow PPD bloggers and friends!   I hope that I have helped at least some of the visitors–whether it be for a perinatal mood disorder and/or infertility reasons– to this blog during the past year, and I hope to continue helping many more this next year.  

Coincidentally, it’s the start of a new year–the Lunar New Year (which was technically on February 14th or Valentine’s Day).  For my Chinese visitors, Happy Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger)! 新年快乐!Gong Xi Fa Chai!  May this new year bring good things, particularly good health and happiness to you!

Seems I’m a few days tardy in both respects, but as they say, better late than never!   🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday

    • Hi Kimberly,
      I am soooo glad to know that I was able to help you. Your blog is terrific too. Way to go for sharing your experience with other moms! Keep up the great work that YOU do!
      – Ivy 🙂


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