Status of PPD Legislation in Massachusetts

Just a real quickie from me today.  If you are wondering about the outcome of the hearing concerning House Bill 3897: An Act Relative to Postpartum Depression that occurred nearly a month ago, on January 27th, in Boston, visit the MotherWoman website for more details.    There is still hope that this legislation will pass.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that it does!

If passed, this legislation would be following in the footsteps of New Jersey, which has had its Postpartum Depression Law in place since 2006.  House Bill 3897 would provide for training of healthcare providers to become better able to recognize the risks and symptoms of PPD, provide the correct diagnosis and treatment protocol.  It would also increase awareness of PPD through educational campaigns.  Last but not least, it would reduce the numbers of mothers with PPD going untreated or misdiagnosed via postpartum screening at hospitals and in OB/GYN offices.


2 thoughts on “Status of PPD Legislation in Massachusetts

  1. Hi Ivy! When I was struggling with ppd and post-partum ptsd I tried to find some sort of online community for people blogging about those things. I couldn’t, and now that I’ve recovered, I’m hoping to create something like that for others who are currently struggling. So I’ve started listing blogs about PMDs and have featured yours. I am hoping to be able to do a weekly “round-up” featuring what bloggers are writing about ,and highlighting those who could use some “commenty” support. I’d love it if you’d stop by, check out the “round up,” and, if you have some time, visit some of the bloggers who could use some support. Thanks so much for your blog!

    • I visited your latest post, and think the idea of listing and featuring bloggers and what they’re blogging about, so moms currently struggling with a PMD can get the support they need, is a wonderful idea! Thank you for featuring my blog! I already do visit the blogs of some of the ones you’ve listed, but will be sure to check your round-up regularly to see who may be in need of support and will reach out to them. Thank YOU for your blog. I’m so happy to be in such great PMD blogger company! 🙂

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