Online Community of PPD Sufferers and Survivors

One of the new features over at The Muser’s Musings Musings Musings blog, which I’m so glad to have found recently, is a weekly round-up of PPD bloggers and what they are writing about, including those who are currently suffering from PPD and need support.  The Muser’s goal is to provide an online community for PPD sufferers because when she herself was recovering from PPD, she could not find a single one.   I wish I had known about all the online resources when I too was suffering from PPD. 

Many if not all of us who are currently blogging about PPD want to empower other moms and their families with the knowledge of what PPD is and to provide support because we have been through it personally and know EXACTLY what it’s like to have suffered from it.  Many if not all of us had horribly lonely experiences, as we thought we were the only ones who were suffering rather than enjoying motherhood.   We’d all love to see everyone understanding what PPD is and getting the help they need, rather than suffering unnecessarily in silence.  We’d all love to see the stigma and fear that come from ignorance of the topic disappear completely one day.  What we are doing are steppingstones to that….we truly and sincerely hope.  Odds would greatly increase the more people speak up about their experiences!

If you don’t already know about the Muser’s blog, please visit it now and check out the blogs of these wonderful ladies.  If you are currently suffering from PPD, you will find comfort in the words of other moms sharing their experiences.  If you are a PPD survivor, feel free to share your own experiences by commenting on those blogs.


6 thoughts on “Online Community of PPD Sufferers and Survivors

  1. Ivy,

    I don’t mind sharing at all, here that is. I am finding it very difficult to share with many people though because of the stigma of ppd. I’m sure it will come with time though. What’s important is that I can confide in my husband and my sister and they are my greatest support structure.

    I started to feel that there was something not quite right from the get go, but it was chalked up to fatigue and that super change in hormones and all of that new baby stuff happening. I think it really progressed the week after my mother in law and grandmother in law were here, they did quite a job on telling me/showing me everything I was doing wrong and with an already low self esteem it sent me into a tail spin. I was already feeling anxious, compulsive and sad and I think that is when it begin. So I believe it started for me around week five and now I am going into week ten. I didn’t seek help until week eight because I really thought like everyone else was leaning me towards, “it’ll pass”.

    Thank you for all of the resources you have provided and I will be soaking them up like a sponge. Through the hospital and the support group I’m attending, they are providing me with a counselor and having me meet with a psychiatrist to discuss medication options, if I decide to use that as an aid to recovery.

    I appreciate your support more than I can express.


    • Tara,
      Well, thank you for sharing. It’s great you have your husband’s support, and support from your sister. Some people don’t even have that, unfortunately. I am very glad you find my info helpful. I will be here for you, so please continue to stop in and let me know how you are doing! I am glad you are considering seeing a psychiatrist. It won’t hurt you to do so, and in fact, I think that’s the most advisable course of action. You are already attending a support group, and that is a great step in helping you to recover.
      Take care,

  2. i think that people with postpartum depression should get i chance to see if there is another cure for it. .i different way out

    • Tinna,
      It goes without saying that a lot more research needs to go into treating PPD more quickly and effectively! Medications can use more improvement in effectiveness and for less side effects. But society’s attitude toward depression and PPD has been mostly responsible for women suffering unnecessarily in silence. Women with PPD need to recognize when they have PPD and to get help for it right away. We need to ensure that medical/mental healthcare practitioners are all properly educated to recognize and treat patients with PPD. Without all this, even the best medicine will get us only so far with respect to treating PPD.

  3. Thank you for your blog.

    I have finally reached out for help with my ppd as at first I had no idea what I was going through and thought that I was just going through the baby blues. Well, as I know now this is not the case, even though my OB tried to convince me that “it’ll pass”.

    I’ve joined a support group and will be seeking one on one therapy and most likely meds to help me get through the beginnings of this illness.

    I wanted to thank you for sharing all of your experiences here and I know that I have a place to come to when I need some reassurance and good solid information. I appreciate you helping me and many others. I’m so glad I found your blog.

    • Hi Tara,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! So glad to hear you are getting help for your PPD. It makes me so happy to know that I have helped you a little with the information and support I try to provide on my blog. Please continue to visit and check out some of the other resources I list on today’s post, my blogroll and other web resources. If you don’t mind my asking, when did your first symptoms begin and how many weeks into your PPD are you now? Let me know if you need help in finding a medical/mental healthcare practitioner. Postpartum Support Int’l ( is usually quite good in providing local resources if you are unable to find any yourself or through referral. Hope you will be on your road to recovery real soon!
      Take care,

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