Press Conference in Washington, DC to Celebrate the Mother’s Act – 5/6/10

Okay, so what I originally thought was going to be a “quickie” post about this time last night turned out to be a longer one that I’d anticipated.  Actually took me about an hour to write.  Whaddya expect….my brain was fried and acting more slowly than normal, what can I say? 

Anyway, here I am again.  This time, with a true “quickie” post.  I just wanted to bring your attention to the fact that Katherine Stone and Susan Stone–both of whom were instrumental in their support and spreading awareness about the Mother’s Act, which just recently passed–will be joining Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL) at a press conference they are holding on just that topic.  Click here to read a Huffington Post article written by Representative Bobby Rush titled “Melanie’s Story: How One Woman’s Tragic Encounter With Post Partum Psychosis Led to Landmark Women’s Health Legislation.”

Others in attendance will be Carol Blocker, mother of Melanie Blocker Stokes whom the bill was named after, as well as representatives from ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) and the APA (American Psychological Association). 

For those who are in the DC area and would like to attend the press conference, it’s starting at 11:30am tomorrow, Thursday, May 6th, at the Senate Swamp, Upper Senate Park (next to the Russell Senate Office Building).  The rain location is S-120 in the U.S. Capitol.

Gee, if only I lived a tad closer, I would absolutely be there!   This is history in the making and definitely something that PPD advocates and survivors like myself are thrilled about!   I was able to attend the press conference held by Senator Menendez this time last year, which was held in New Jersey–also right around Mother’s Day.

6 thoughts on “Press Conference in Washington, DC to Celebrate the Mother’s Act – 5/6/10

  1. The Huffington Post article by Representative Rush says “According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control, postpartum depression occurs in about 80 percent of all women who’ve recently given birth, while at least 15 percent of new mothers suffer from post partum psychosis. ” What…15% suffer psychosis? 80% of all women suffer baby blues which is by no means postpartum depression. Also, 15% is the statistic for postpartum depression, not postpartum psychosis which is 1 in 1000. I don’t mean to sound nitpicky but I wish these articles would get the numbers right so as not to confuse the public who may already be confused when it comes to perinatal mood disorders.


    • Wow, Ann…thanks for pointing that out. I’d only skimmed that article and didn’t see that, otherwise I would’ve questioned it right then. I’m reaching out to my PPD expert contacts to determine if this is really what the CDC published. Those numbers don’t seem right. It’s up to approx 15% that suffer from PPD. The percent that suffer from PPP is, I believe, 1-4 moms out of 1,000.


    • Ann,
      In case you weren’t already aware, they updated the Huffington Post article. Thanks again for pointing that error out!
      Have a good weekend,


  2. Hi Ivy

    In a post I made yesterday I linked to your blog here. I just discovered you yesterday in an attempt to find resources that address the myth of instant bonding and/or love of all mothers. I am trying to bring awareness to this issue but am sorely lacking in experience and knowledge regarding it. In my limited understanding it’s my feeling that there is a societal expectation that women are expected to automatically, upon giving birth, perhaps even prior to, be magically attached/bonded/in love/perfectly competent, or whatever and this is not always the case. The fact that society expects it, or pretends it, attaches a stigma to the mom who is not feeling all these things immediately which exacerbates the problem by forcing her to be silent for fear of being judged, for fear of being imperfect or incapable.

    My question to you is am I off base here? And would you ever consider writing me a “quickie” guest post addressing this myth?


    • Hi Campbell,
      Consider your request granted. I am posting a “quickie” comment on your blog right after I submit this reply.


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