Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the moms out there, regardless of whether you are suffering from a postpartum mood disorder or not, make sure you have the opportunity to pamper yourself/be pampered.  Yes, pampering.  There is absolutely nothing wrong for mothers to be nurtured!!!

First and foremost, to all you moms who are currently suffering from a postpartum mood disorder, please check out this AMAZING slideshow created by my fellow blogger, Lauren Hale, author of the My Postpartum Voice blog.  Her choice of pictures, her sentiments, all the way down to the accompanying music…..are perfect.  You can just tell how much effort she put into that slideshow.   I had the chills watching it, and I get the chills thinking about it even now as I’m posting this.  Though fortunately for me my PPD was well under control by Mother’s Day 2005, thanks to the Paxil I was taking at the time, I totally know what it’s like to suffer from it.  When you are suffering with PPD, you can’t smile, you can’t enjoy the things you’ve previously enjoyed, you can’t appreciate anything much at all….let alone celebrate Mother’s Day.   I hope this inspirational slideshow from Lauren will help you today.   This is just a moment in time.  By this time next year, you WILL be able to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

For some more inspiration, if you haven’t already visited the 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Rally over at Postpartum Progress, please do so.  Periodically check throughout the day because Katherine Stone’s mission is to post one letter every hour on the hour to new moms.   These letters are written in all different styles and by women of all different backgrounds but with one thing in common…they want to help support, encourage and educate new moms out there, and help them get through one of the most challenging and exciting times of their lives.

Please do other moms you know a favor and tell them about all these letters written to support and educate the new mom.  If I had had access to this wealth of information BEFORE I had my baby, my own postpartum experience would most likely have been better.  It’s unfortunate that I don’t get a second shot at this.


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