Postpartum Legislation Passes Massachusetts State House!

It’s been a busy, busy, busy month, and I can’t freakin believe it’s the first day of August already!  With daily stomach pain for the past 2 weeks and plenty of stress from work, I’ve managed to fall behind on Twitter and all but forgot my mom’s 75th birthday.   Uh boy!  =(   Then again, I barely tweet to begin with, relatively speaking.  With a full-time job (that monitors employee activity, like tweets) and having to worry about work/life balance, I’m barely keeping up with housework and with the family, let alone Twitter.  And now I’m going to post a record short blog post.

Speaking of Twitter, I was excited to find out through that very informative medium yesterday, through the following @MotherWoman tweet, that postpartum legislation (House Bill 3987) passed the Massachussets State House!  Now it’s on to the Senate:

“Being on TV is exciting but this is the real fun: Postpartum Legislation passed the MA State House yesterday! Now…

I’m excited to see progress–albeit slow– in research, awareness, and attitudes toward postpartum depression, in general.   I am particularly excited for the state of Massachusetts because I spent four years of college there.  My home state, New Jersey, has had its PPD law in place since 2006.  It seems that people have come to realize that the only way we are going to make quicker and more substantive progress regarding research funding, requirements for healthcare practitioners and hospitals to be more mindful of the mental wellbeing of new moms, and the need to establish postpartum support services is for policy changes to be implemented on a top-down basis (i.e., at the federal and state levels).  

I did a search for more details on the MotherWoman website and on the Internet, but could not find anything.  As soon as I do, I will be sure to share! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer–unless of course you are on the other side of the word, like Australia.  We are in the last stretch and fall is around the corner.  I hate it when the days start to get shorter, don’t you?  Bleh.


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