Massachusetts Postpartum Depression Bill Passes Senate!

Today, I received an update–and an excellent one at that–from Katherine Stone regarding the status of the Massachusetts Postpartum Depression Bill.  The Senate passed it this past weekend!   I can’t help but get goose bumps over the excitement I’m feeling over such progress!

So, there you have it.  Approved by both the House and now the Senate.  Does this mean the bill is now law?  Not yet.  The Governor’s signature is but one of the critical steps remaining.   Considering this bill is one of thousands of bills filed this session and only a few hundred have actually been passed by the Senate says a lot about all the work that individuals like Rep. Ellen Story have put in to shedding light on how crucial postpartum depression legislation is for women.  Working in the bill’s favor is the passage of the MOTHERS Act as part of Health Insurance Reform this past spring. 

Ah, forward momentum…let’s keep our fingers crossed it keeps on moving onward! 

I will provide an update once the bill has officially passed.  Stay tuned!


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