PPD Survivor Mamas at BlogHer10

Last Friday was Day 1 of BlogHer 10 in New York City.  It was my second BlogHer conference I’ve ever attended.  Last year’s conference in Chicago was my first.  With the conference taking place in my own hometown–well, practically hometown since I’m there for work 5 days a week–I couldn’t NOT attend this annual conference of bloggers.  This year, the number of attendees reached 2,400 at the New York Hilton.  It was such an awesome experience to be in the presence of SO MANY bloggers.  

This year’s conference was even more special due to the fact that it was my first time ever meeting Katherine Stone.  PLUS, Katherine coordinated a photo session that night of PPD survivor mamas. 

For some inspiration, here are the pics that were taken.  For those who are currently struggling with a postpartum mood disorder, look closely at these smiling, lovely ladies.  We each have different personalities, different life experiences, and different backgrounds and yet we share a common bond, which is that we are PPD survivor mamas!  You would never think that any of us suffered a postpartum mood disorder, but we did.  Each of us has survived.  You will too! 

Pictured in back row (L-R): Suzanne from Pretty Swell, Emily from Aprons and Heels, Alexis from depressionsandconfessions, Katherine Stone from Postpartum Progress, Morra from Women And Work, and Beth Anne from Heir to Blair.

Front row (L-R): Aliza Sherman, Casey from Moosh in Indy, me, and Morgan from The 818.

Over at Postpartum Progress, Katherine has posted a video taken during this photo session.  Please go check it out if you haven’t already done so!

Photos taken by Kim Orlandini @kimorlandini http://kimsueellen.blogspot.com.

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