We Need More PPD Survivors Speaking Up Like This and Trying to Make a Difference

A very, very brief post tonight, as I wanted to share this article by my friend and Program Director of MotherWoman (MA), Liz Friedman who’d recently won for her submission to the TED Women Contest

I’d like to highlight the following excerpt from the article:

It is one of the most incredibly well kept and unfortunately well kept secrets that we have about the postpartum period. We think it is all happy. We think that we will be joyful and supposed to be loving our experience as mothers. It is not the reality. One in eight mothers experiences postpartum depression.

The MotherWoman vision is to have a postpartum support group for every 2,000 mothers across the country. Their goal is to ensure no mother goes without the support they need to get through PPD.  These are truly wonderful goals that are so desperately needed in our society today, due to our lack of a social support model that–with family living farther and farther apart, more and more women with careers and fewer neighbors being available to provide community support — used to be much, much more prevalent in this country.  Not to mention our societal view–or myth, if you will–of the perfect, or super, mother. 

Click here for more about MotherWoman, including its mission, philosophy, and Mother/Postpartum Support Groups.

Please go to my previous post on Social Support and why it makes such a difference for new moms to not only have adequate practical support but emotional support as well in the first  postpartum weeks.

Brava, Liz!  You and MotherWoman are such great inspiration for other PPD survivor mamas!  Thank you for taking your own experience and wanting to make a positive difference for other mothers! 


2 thoughts on “We Need More PPD Survivors Speaking Up Like This and Trying to Make a Difference

  1. I have thought so many times, that I would love to stand in front of a room of very pregnant woman, or new mommies, and tell them that it’s not always like they see on TLC’s The Baby Story. I wanted it to be that way. I wanted it so bad. And it wasn’t. It was hell. It was beyond hell and it makes me nauseous thinking about those first awful months. That was 11 months ago. I still hurt. I still grieve for the person I was before PPD/PPA took a hold of me. I want new mommies to know it ok to feel out of control and to need all the help you can get. It’s ok to cry…25 times in one day. It’s ok to look at your newborn baby and not feel a surge of love. If I ever could figure out a way to do get this off my chest, and actually help someone along the way..I would do it in a heartbeat. Keep doing what you do Ivy. Your’s was the first website I found when I was “drowning”, and you helped me keep my head above water. xoxo Julie

    • Hi Julie,
      It takes time to heal, to move past your hurt and the grieving, but you WILL be yourself again! From your experience, with time and when your ready, I’m sure if there are any opportunities to reach out and help other moms directly, you will do it. Look at me….I had my daughter Dec ’04 and I only started blogging on Feb ’09. I have no doubt that I will be doing more direct support work with new moms in the near future. We share a common bond, you and I. Not just the regret of not experiencing what we may have envisioned it’d be like with a brand new baby…but the desire to help empower other mothers so they don’t experience what we went through. To support a PPD mom and help her get through her darkest of days. To help PPD moms realize they are not alone and they will get better. I never realized my blog was the FIRST one you found…wow! Just got the chills. I’m just SO glad that I was able to help keep your head above water. I am SO glad my words helped you so much. xoxo ~ Ivy

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