At Long Last, An Accurate Piece on PPD in a Major Newspaper!

Yes, you heard right!  No exaggerated or misleading article on postpartum depression (PPD) this time, but an accurate piece titled “When Mama Ain’t Happy” written by Michelle Gerdes, a PPD survivor, and published in the Wall Street Journal.   An aptly-titled article, as we need to all remember that a healthy mom ensures a healthy family unit.   A happy mom means a happy baby.  

The statistics from studies shows that there is a direct correlation between the mom’s mental health on the overall well-being of the baby.  I’ve said it countless times before.  Children of depressed moms are at increased risk of developing depression themselves.  Maternal depression can also impact the cognitive and behavioral development of the child.  

The article even references Postpartum Support International (PSI) as a resource for information and support.   It also talks about the importance of screening new moms for PPD so fewer moms slip through the cracks, suffering unnecessarily, undiagnosed and untreated. 

Also mentioned is fellow PSI member Kimberly Wong and how her serious brush with PPD has motivated her to form the Los Angeles County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force, comprised of agencies and volunteers committed to spread awareness of perinatal mood disorders. 

Thank you, Michelle Gerdes for the article, and thank you Wall Street Journal for publishing it.  Now, THIS is exactly what needs to occur more regularly and in more newspapers and other media outlets that have the ability to reach a large audience!


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