My Blog is Devoted to Maternal Mental Wellness and Yet….

Here’s my predicament.  My blog is devoted entirely to maternal mental wellness, specifically, perinatal mood disorders and yet the number of votes I’ve garnered in the past several days will make me wind up out of contention for this category of a voting contest created by Circle of Moms.  Irony of it all is, if by June 15th, I’m not in the Top 25 of this contest, I will not be included in their Round Up, and I won’t gain exposure to more moms out there who may find the info on my site helpful.  Man, oh, man! 

I’ve been telling myself these past few days that I don’t care about this contest because it’s just a (ahem, popularity) contest.  And I’ve never been one for participating in such contests.  All my life I’ve just wanted to survive my angst.  Being popular couldn’t be further from my thoughts–or aspirations, even. 

Like Katherine Stone said the other day over on her Postpartum Progress, the most widely-read blog in this (ahem) category, I’m NOT going to beg for votes.   But then again, her blog is THE MOST widely-read blog in this category.  She doesn’t need votes, she’s already got tons of people all over the world following her.  Me, on the other hand….not so much.  I’m trying to use social media, but I can only do so much without jeopardizing my job.  I can’t tweet during work hours, even though I have the technology to do so.  I’m not so good at developing and sustaining an ongoing rapport, though I’m honestly trying, with other women I know online from blogging and tweeting.  I can hardly keep up with my friends after work hours and during weekends, when I’ve already got so much else to do and not neglect my husband and daughter. 

For me, it’s all or none.  When I’m on Twitter, I like to see everyone’s tweets, but even with a limited number I follow (< 200), I can’t keep up with the tweets any longer.  Just like on Facebook, I keep my number of friends down so I can manage to keep up with everyone’s daily posts.  Yep, I read ’em all. 

So, as you can see, my impact is limited because my resources/time is limited.  I’ve got to find a way to ramp things up….and it’s not going to help with my not being included in this Top 25.  All I can say is this.  I’ve been blogging for the past couple of years to help others survive their angst.  Whether it’s a girl who’s struggling with puberty and high school–one of the most angst-ridden times of any girl’s life–or a new mom who’s struggling with a perinatal mood disorder….there is, after all, a correlation between the two (per my past posts).  I know that I have helped a number of women.  That in itself is enough for me because that is, after all, the objective of this blog and why I do what I do.

It wouldn’t hurt, though, to widen my audience by way of inclusion of such categories created by such forums as Circle of Moms.  Therein lies my predicament.


6 thoughts on “My Blog is Devoted to Maternal Mental Wellness and Yet….

  1. I’ve voted for you Ivy…I definitely think you deserve a spot. I’ve given up on blogging, so I have no advice for you there! Hang in there!! What you do is so important. 🙂


    • Hi Julie! I was just thinking of you, coincidentally, wondering how you’ve been doing? Hope you and your family have been doing well! So good to hear from you! Thank you so much for voting for me! 🙂 I hate these contests, but if I don’t participate, my reach is limited. What a predicament! Keep in touch!!!! – Ivy


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