August 3, 2011 Empowering Your Birth Teleconference Hosted by SPARKS

Back in March, I blogged about my experience as an attendee of the SPARKS appreciation and tribute luncheon at the US Capitol.  The SPARKS mission is just what the acronym stands for–Serving Pre and Post-Natal Women and Families with Awareness, Relief, Knowledge and Support. 

On August 3rd, SPARKS will be carrying out each point of the 5-letter acronym by way of a teleconference!  As the second of a 3-part series on “Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond,” this teleconference, led by SPARK’s hotline coordinator, will be focused on “Empowering Your Birth” and self care/nurturing the expectant and new mother–key to the prevention of postpartum depression. 

Here are the Call-In Details:

  • 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST (a time slot conveniently arranged to allow the expectant/new mom who might still be working to participate at home and after their babies/children have gone to sleep and/or can be taken care of by the husband after his return from work). 
  • Dial-in Number and Password: 718-873-0922, Dial 9, PIN #2757. 

For more information on SPARKS and their mission to help mothers and their families, please visit their website or call 718-2-SPARKS (277-2757) for the hotline or other questions.

Please spread the word to expectant and new moms!

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