Please Consider Helping Postpartum Progress’ Strong Start Day Fundraising Campaign

Like many other supporters of Postpartum Progress, the leading blog on perinatal mood disorders and now a not-for profit, I’m blogging today to ask that you please consider donating to its fundraising campaign that will enable Postpartum Progress to carry out the exciting new projects it’s got lined up, including:

  • developing a compelling national awareness campaign for postpartum depression
  • creating & distributing new and improved patient education materials for distribution by hospitals (the kind new moms won’t throw away!!)
  • translating its “plain mama English” information and support into Spanish and other languages 
Sounds awesome, don’t it?  And so DESPERATELY needed.  Each one of these would edge us closer to where we need to be today with public awareness and destigmatization of perinatal mood disorders that affect 1 out of 8 new mothers.  These initiatives won’t be possible without YOUR help.
Click here for more on the Strong Start Day fundraising campaign, click here to see which bloggers have signed up to help with the campaign, and click here to see how you can join in the efforts to raise funds for such an important cause.
Postpartum Progress has done a world of good for so many mothers around the world.  Let’s help keep up the good work that’s being done over there for the benefit of new moms and their families, okay?  
Thank you!

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