“One Mom’s Journey to Motherhood” is Headed to Publication!

The fruit of weekends and weeknights dedicated to reading, writing, editing, and attending writers’ conferences and conferences on perinatal mood disorders across a span of 6-1/2 years….my labor of love….is finally about to get published!   It has been such a satisfying journey.  I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.   “One Mom’s Journey to Motherhood: Infertility, Childbirth Complications, and Postpartum Depression, Oh My!” will be available for sale via Amazon and Barnes & Noble within the next 4-6 weeks!

Years comprised of weekends and weeknights dedicated to reading, writing, editing, and attending writers’ conferences and conferences on perinatal mood disorders!  It has been such a satisfying, therapeutic, and educational journey.  I have learned a tremendous amount about myself, about perinatal disorders, and about publishing during this journey.  I’ve also learned how challenging it really is to get a book published.

Without a whole lot of personal guidance from anyone, I saw my book from start to finish.  As with anything in life–be it motherhood, your career, or getting a book published–it helps to have a mentor or two along the way.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had luck finding any mentors of any kind in my life. Granted, I did have some help, but a MENTOR would have made such a huge difference.  Why is it that it’s so gosh darned hard to find mentors is beyond me.  But you know what?  I made the most of the limited resources I had….and I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

After attending a number of writers’ conferences, even learning how to write query letters and book proposals in the hope of attracting an agent who would in turn attract a traditional publishing house, I decided earlier this year to pursue the self publishing route because I prefer to have full control over the rights of my book, not to mention the cover design, book title, content, pictures, layout, and even release schedule.  Thanks to the wealth of self publishing options available today, practically anyone with a passion to write a book and dedication to seeing it to the end can get a book published.  I would advise, however, that you get the book professionally edited before publication.

I encourage all you moms who are suffering or have survived from postpartum depression (PPD), to add your book to the relatively small number of books about PPD survivors. Yes, there are books out there about PPD, but they are for the most part written by health practitioners….or celebrities like Marie Osmond and Brooke Shields (hardly representative of the average mama).  There is a lack of personal stories of survival in book form…and I would love to see a growth in the numbers of mamas willing to add their names to the list of authors of books on PPD!

As such, if you are interested in writing a book about your PPD story but are unsure how to get started (or have some questions or would like some advice), please do not hesitate to drop me a comment below, and I will email you back and we’ll see what I can do to help you start your journey to becoming an author!

With the completion of this book, I am now moving on to my next one…on a topic I’m also passionate about!  Will share more details when I’m ready!


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