December 28, 2011 A Post-Chanukah Teleconference for New Mothers Hosted by SPARKS

Feeling overwhelmed after your new baby? 

Come join the 4th of a series of teleconferences offered by SPARKS to help new moms learn coping skills, gain support, and join together with other new moms.  Here are the Call-In Details:

  • 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST 
  • Dial-in Number and Password: 718-873-0922, Dial 9, PIN #2757
  • Led by the motivational speaker and SPARKS Clinical Supervisor, Rus Devorah Wallen, ACSW

For more information about SPARKS or the Confidential Crisis Hotline, please call 718-2-SPARKS (718-277-2757) or visit the SPARKS website. This teleconference is completely confidential.

Feel free to invite other mommy friends to join!   Please spread the word!


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