Lenox Hill Hospital, Say It Isn’t So…..

Is it true?  What?  All the noise about Beyonce giving birth to her baby girl, Blue Ivy–oh, what a beautiful name (I mean the Ivy part, ahem)–at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, a very BUSY hospital in one of the largest cities in the world….a hospital that supposedly accepted $1.3 million from Beyonce and her hubs Jay-Z to have a whole floor to themselves.  That’s not all, the NICU–or neonatal intensive care unit–is on that floor!  The NICU is where preemies and babies with congenital conditions needing urgent care stay until they are well enough to leave the hospital.

This leads to parents with babies in the NICU not only being inconvenienced, but stressed out more than they already were because they couldn’t visit their babies without having security guards getting in their way.  Parents like Neil Coulon (just one of  the 3 examples I’ve read about) who was supposedly prevented from visiting his preemie twins in the NICU over the past weekend, couldn’t walk the floors without bumping into and being questioned by security guards, and whose visitors got booted out of the waiting room by those security guards. 

I just can’t believe Lenox Hill Hospital would allow something like this to happen.  It’s one thing to have security guards in front of Beyonce’s room.  It’s another thing entirely when they take over an entire floor that includes the NICU!  Money or no money, Lenox Hill Hospital should have taken all the other parents and their babies into consideration.   Seems the hospital forgot its other patients in the face of such celebrity presence…oh, and the $1.3 million.  If this is in fact true, then shame on them!

It is critical that parents be able to visit their babies in the NICU….both for the babies’ sake and for the parents’ sake.  The babies need to feel their parents’ loving touches, albeit through glass and gloves…while the parents need to be by their babies’ sides physically and emotionally.  As I mentioned in previous posts about postpartum depression risk ractors, the new mom with a baby in the NICU is at heightened risk to the high levels of stress that persists for as long as the baby is in critical condition.  Click here and here .

Hell, this couple is so loaded, why couldn’t they just pay Beyonce’s OB/GYN and staff to go to her house and deliver the baby there?  Oh, that’s right….she had a C-section, which probably requires special equipment in the standard OR (and to reduce the risk of something going wrong and the subsequent lawsuit).  If she hadn’t opted for a C-section, a midwife (or Beyonce’s OB/GYN and some nurses) could’ve performed an in-home delivery.

If I were a new mom in the hospital and my baby was in the NICU and I was prohibited from visiting my baby–and God forbid I couldn’t get to the baby and the baby was experiencing a setback–my husband and I would’ve contacted a lawyer by now.

2 thoughts on “Lenox Hill Hospital, Say It Isn’t So…..

    • Hey, thanks for leaving a comment! Good to hear from you and hope your new year is going well so far. Now, as for what Lenox Hill Hosp, hopefully, this proved to be a valuable lesson learned (but I have a feeling, $$ speaks louder than a bunch of angry parents or the wellbeing of patients). What a shame! This could’ve happened at any other hospital in this country.


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