Circle of Moms Top 25 Postpartum Depression Blogs – Please Vote

It’s late, I’m tired, but I just want to squeeze in this quick post to let you know that voting has begun for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Postpartum Depression Blogs.  You have from now until 5:00 PM PST (or 8:00 PM EST), February 21st to vote (daily, if you’d like) for your favorite PPD blogs….and there are many awesome ones!  I hope those of you who’ve found my blog helpful will vote for moi!

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Circle of Moms Top 25 Postpartum Depression Blogs – Please Vote

  1. I’m not pregnant, and haven’t had children yet. I’ve heard of two different people (one in my family and my boyfriends ex girlfriend) having postpartum depression, and I know that it’s described as a severe depression.

    How many months or years does postpartum depression last for? How soon after giving birth does it start? Are there any pills a person can take to be less depressed?

    • Hi Penelope,
      If only everyone could be like you and proactively ask questions and find out more about PPD before becoming pregnant! If a direct family member has a history of depression/PPD, you have a risk of experiencing PPD). PPD experiences vary from person to person, but it’s characterized as major depression, which is why those who have PPD should seek treatment. What the treatment would be is also dependent on that person and the severity of their symptoms, but it’s usually medication, therapy, or a combination of the 2. The duration of symptoms depends on how quickly treatment is sought and how effective that treatment is. For me, I had severe symptoms at 6 weeks, sought treatment right away, was fortunate that the medication prescribed for me worked, and I was fully functional within 4 weeks, but had to wean slowly off the medication, and was fully off a year after I started taking it. PPD onset usually occurs around 4-6 weeks but can occur anytime from childbirth to 2 years (if weaning from breastfeeding at that point).

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