Call to Participate in a Dissertation Study on PPD

My friend, Walker Karraa, MFA, MA, Perinatal Mental Health Contributor for Science and SensibilityGiving Birth With Confidence, and Midwife Connection (ACNM), is conducting a dissertation research study exploring transformational dimensions of postpartum depression (PPD). This study is part of the criteria to assist Walker in meeting the requirements of the Global Doctoral Psychology program at Sofia University.

Participation will be a valuable contribution to a deeper understanding of the topic of personal transformation through the experience of PPD.  Participants should self-identify as having experienced PPD in the first year postpartum following a live, singleton birth at gestational term (37 to 42 weeks). Participants should speak English, and have access to and willingness to use email, internet and telephone.  There is no limit as to how long ago you suffered from PPD in order to quality for participation in this study.

Following initial screening interviews, participants will be asked to participate in an interview to take place either by telephone or in person (if you live in the Los Angeles vicinity) at a mutually agreeable time and a neutral location. The total time commitment for participation is estimated at 4 hours spread over several weeks.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Walker at or 818-489-8192.  Please pass this information on to anyone else whom you think may be interested in participating.  Thank you!


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