Help Her Get the Help She Needs

My first almost wordless blog post, ever. The words in this image say it all. It is an important message that we, as family members, friends, neighbors or even colleagues of new mothers, should take very seriously.  Permission to use this image granted by Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW, founder of The Postpartum Stress Center and author of numerous books on perinatal mood disorders.

One thought on “Help Her Get the Help She Needs

  1. Insomnia

    Started by Mariad about 5 hours ago
    Hi ppl

    It started before my delivery had 3 sleepless nights …… and then after my baby i was able to sleep well my delivery was very normal vaginalwith less time pain .. was easy …. then after a couple of days while i was feeding in the night my dad had a severe stomqch pain which gave me fear to my nerves… he recovered well but for me i had negative thoughts if him getting worse as a result i had no sleep or juz 1/2 hr foe some days…. later on even wen i try to sleep i get a jerk a wake up… dads fear went away

    Then i started researchin in dr google about insomnia how to sleep methids etc etcfor 20 days less sleep

    And came across no of post which gave me jerks

    This is as follows

    1.a man was insomani fpr 32 years he slept for 2 hrs a day…what if i be like tat
    2. Sleep deprivation outcomes…
    3. Medications dodn work for many will it be for me etc etc

    Then was on anxit medicen for which i slept a day and later was on 4 iv injections
    But after tat i read about medications outcome and got phobia
    As a result went to psychatist she suggested some ssri and a .5 sleeping pill which ddisnt work after to increased to 10 mg i slept for 3 hrs now juzz the medicencens for 15 days i was compled to wean

    Then from day 1 i will get a dream and sleep.dream and slepp so was for many days

    Suddenly i came to know that if we get more.dreams it doesnt mean we get ggood sleep which gave me anxity more and then i read about eeg and had a feel wat if i dont sleep properly
    My hubby a great n loving persom he tells me i am sleepin watchin my moves etc 3tv
    But dor abojf 20 days i dont have the feelin of sleepin itself
    Ive a doubt whther i sleep if yes wat will my eeg be
    Etc etv
    I have racing thoughts

    Im jus moody all the time even i do all my baby thibgs my mind is juz about sleep only

    I lost my appetite…everythin

    Every single change in my face makes me like im going yo die
    In the mean time i started gettin some pulling sensation in my neck back of skull shoulders etc upto my arm getting numb i feel somethinh is wfong with me

    This is for 3 mobths in my college days ive not slept during exams times alon but until then greattttt sleeewperrrtr
    My mind keeps asking me if during college after wroting the exams u got sleep so exam was d problm now sleep is d problem how u will get sleep then???

    I feel very bad for husband who keeps always worryin about me
    Atlast i forgot how to sleep and ive feelibg this is going to be for years

    Im losin hope juz read 15 mins of laugh is equal to 2 hrs of sleep so im tryin to laugh as possibl

    Ps. My girl 3 months is a great sleeper at night


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