I have a new goal

I have a new goal
And that goal is
to live until I’m 80 latest.
After that I don’t think
I want to live anymore.

If I die of natural causes before then, great.
I don’t want to have a long life
because I know I’d run out of funds
from expensive long-term care.
Plus assisted living care is not for me.
I don’t want to be lonely.
Nor do I want to be a burden on anyone else…
Financially, mentally, physically.

I’m going to take my
bucket list and make sure
that I hit each item on it
before I reach 75….
All my work aspirations,
All my travel goals.

It is too painful to deal with
my parents’ health woes
I would not want to be
a burden for anyone else
if I end up like my parents.
Being like them is not living.
There’s no way I would want
to live the way they live today
dependent on others
for absolutely everything.

No, that’s NO way to live.

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