About the Artist

Esperanza Gaffo is the artist of both my original blog banner, as well as the cover of my book.  I was fortunate enough to have found her through iStockPhoto.com, when back in early 2009 I was looking for an image I could use for my banner.  I was immediately drawn to her “Mums” image–the one of two young mothers talking to each other with their babies in their arms reaching out to each other.

I knew going into the publishing of my book that I wanted an artist to custom design my cover.  I already had the vision for what my cover would look like.  I just needed an artist to carry out my vision.  Thanks to LinkedIn, I was able to get in touch with Esperanza (or Pela), and we immediately started work on my cover.

LinkedIn has proven to be a saving grace in not just hooking me up with Pela, but in getting me started with blogging.  As some of you already know, it was because of LinkedIn that I hooked up with Kristin Davis, author of the blog PPD Survivor and fellow Mt. Holyoke alum, who encouraged me to start blogging in early 2009.

Within a few weeks, Pela completed my book cover design (both hard and soft cover), and the idea came to me to update my blog banner with the same design as my book.  She also threw in a few blog buttons, which I plan to use every now and then.

Thank you, Pela, for your artistic brilliance and the ease of working with you.  Despite the geographic distance, we were able to forge a successful partnership in working together to bring my cover to life.

If anyone is looking for an artist for a book cover, book illustrations, blog banners/buttons, I would totally recommend Pela!

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