Life is One Gigantic Sandbox

Re-sharing an old post because something has been on my mind and I needed to get it off my chest….and wouldn’t you know, I wrote the post, coincidentally, about the same time last year…in the fall, as the leaves were turning with the approach of dreaded winter.  Click here to check out that post.

“It’s not just in a a work setting that people don’t play nice. Life is one gigantic sandbox with grown adults acting like children. This is where I remind myself that — no matter how nice you are, there will be those who don’t like you JUST BECAUSE….No reason….JUST BECAUSE. That’s when you need to have enough sense to keep in mind that IT’S THEM, NOT YOU. You’re not the one with the issue. They’re the one with some deep-rooted issue. Nothing you do will make a difference, and you know what? You shouldn’t have to. This phenomenon traverses all age groups, races, religions, political parties, etc. It’s a crying shame.”

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