Know Yourself

I meant to post this on my blog 3 years ago, and only remembered that I didn’t when I saw it pop up on my Facebook feed on 7/16. I probably thought back then that it didn’t really have anything directly to do with postpartum depression (PPD).

Even though my blog posts have slowed down, I’m finding people are still mentioning my blog these days: Kopa Birth’s “Ultimate Pregnancy & Birth Resource Guide for Moms” and Eastern Idaho Region Medical Center (EIRMC) “Pregnancy and Coronavirus: Postpartum depression symptoms and tips.” It really is an honor given there are newer and no doubt fresher and more current perspectives of new moms in the blogosphere!   EIRMC even described my blog as having a focus on personal growth & community.  And yes, anyone can see from my first posts until now the gradual transition from fired up with anger/passion in writing about my experience and how I was fiercely dedicated to advocating for new mothers with PPD (and addressing the ghosts that haunted me) to my relatively mellow self today.  It’s all thanks to years of writing my book and blog, plus plenty of self reflection, that contributed toward my personal growth and boost in self confidence in general.

Back in 2017, I was still blogging  regularly and was selected as one of Healthline’s top PPD blogs.  That year, I was still doing quite a bit of self reflecting, and one of the outcomes was the following little poem.


Know yourself
Know your interests
Know your capabilities
Know who your friends are
Know what matters in life
Know what you’ve survived and gotten you this far
And you won’t be questioning
Who you aren’t
What you don’t like
What you’re good at
Who your friends aren’t
What doesn’t matter
–Ivy Shih Leung 7/16/17