Touched by A Wonderful Book Review Over at Birthtouch

On my way to work this morning, I read a touching book review written by Kathy Morelli, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of BirthTouch, LLC® for my book One Mom’s Journey to Motherhood: Infertility, Childbirth Complications, and Postpartum Depression, Oh My! Why did her review touch me so?   Her attention to the details of my story came flowing out in her words….words describing my life before, during, and after postpartum depression (PPD) that up til now had only ever previously been uttered–or even thought–by me and only me.   Her choice of words reflected just how much attention she paid to the details of my journey to motherhood.  Her words sent shivers down my spine, and at the same time touched me to tears.

Oh, and just so you know, I wrote my own press release.  I did receive some helpful tips from my friend Kate Weldon LeBlanc over at  JF & CS Boston.  Thanks, Kate!  🙂 And yes, I did receive a draft from my publisher’s marketing staff, but I still chose to go with my own wording at the end of the day.  And ever so glad I did!  I am ever so glad I self published my book, because as I mentioned before, it allowed me the flexibility and control in terms of coming up with my own cover design, book title, book content/flow, and even press release write-ups.  Self publishing is good for the DYIers….the do-it-yourselfers.  That’s me!  🙂

A fellow member of Postpartum Support International (PSI), I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy at the PSI annual conference last year in Seattle.  I am so glad I met her.  She’s such a warm and caring person…and on top of that, we are fellow New Jerseyans!

Kathy and I have another thing in common.  We are both book authors!  She is the author of BirthTouch® Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year and BirthTouch® Healing for Parents in the NICU.  Please check these wonderful books out!

Thank you, Kathy, for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to write such a lovely book review for me!

4 thoughts on “Touched by A Wonderful Book Review Over at Birthtouch

    • Hi there! I remember you from the last day of Blogher! It was nice meeting you! Yes, I’m on Twitter (@ivyshihleung). Keep in touch!


  1. Hi Ivy – Gee..what can I say? I have tears in my eyes at THIS post. Your story is so much more than about postpartum depression. I mean, I saw it as the development of the self and perseverance and determination and you independent never-say-die spirit! Hope to see you at BlogHer! I was so distracted, I didnt buy tickets but I wonder if I can buy at the door on Saturday!!!!???? And my books are still not out yet as I have had some family issues, but it wil be SOON!


    • Hi Kathy,
      Aw, thank you SO much for your kind words and support, as always! When I emailed Amelia Elsbrie (she handles conf inquiries), I got an autoreply that seems to confirm my suspicion that you will not be able to register on the spot. You would’ve had to get a ticket earlier from someone else who couldn’t make it that day. You could still show up and see if there are any last-minute drop-outs (but at the same time would hate to see you get turned away at the door). Oh boy….I would’ve liked to see you. If you don’t come to Blogher, we can still try to get together sometime soon. We are, after all, not very far away from each other!


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