Sticks and Stones……Words Will Never Hurt Me

Just a quick note as something was weighing heavily on my mind, something that got me quite down today, in fact.  But, I say to myself, I’m NOT going to let those nasty ol’ words someone stooped low enough to say to me today bother me anymore.  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will NEVER hurt me.  They are just words…..even if they were uttered by a family member.  Oops, so the truth snuck out….or part of the truth.  Can’t elaborate any further.  Hey, I have no fear of saying this on the Internet.  It’s not like that person ever paid any attention to my blog, or cared about what I had to say in the least.   Everytime I talk, this person’s attention would clearly drift to la la land.  Always wanting and needing the spotlight.  Always boasting about their accomplishments, while poking fun at the fact that I still have trouble verbalizing what the heck I do at work everyday.  Always expecting everyone else to cater to them, but when someone else  like me needs something, they couldn’t run away faster.  In fact, that’s why they live as far away as they do. 

The spiteful words this person uttered to me makes me wonder how in the world I can be related to them.  I’ve come this far in life, I do not intend to allow these words drag me back to my miserable teenage years, struggling to cope with school and my family life.   I almost did, hiding beneath my covers in tears.  But then, I realized I couldn’t be this way.  I couldn’t be like I was in high school, hiding away in my bedroom for hours at a time.  I now have a family (something this person probably will never have because they still desperately need to be catered to themselves and are so incredibly self-absorbed).  It was my daughter’s “Mommy, can you come downstairs to play with me?” that snapped me back to reality.  I needed to get a grip.  I then  realized that, if I survived postpartum depression, I should be able to survive most anything. 

Words have the power to cripple, but only as far as you’ll let them!

4 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones……Words Will Never Hurt Me

  1. I know this all too well growing up in a home where I wasn’t good enough…where I was stupid…where I was a burden…where I was many things other than what I truly was. It is so painful when you know it’s not true and you try to hope that they don’t really believe what they say.
    Names do hurt. I am so sorry Ivy. Just know that YOU are BETTER than them


    • Aw, Kimberly….I’m sorry you had to experience all that growing up. You and I are true survivors in so many ways. Your experience has made you strong and you can empathize with others, which is why you are so good at being so supportive. Thank you for the hugs! This person didn’t really call me names. Just used awfully spiteful, hateful, angry, shooting from the hip and not caring a bit about the consequences kind of words (made esp worse since they were written rather than verbal, because the phrases they used keep popping up and are now permanently embedded in my mind).

      I was just thinking of you the other day. Sorry I have been so out of touch. I have been finding it impossible to keep up with Twitter. Hope things will calm down in a few months and I will be tweeting away like I used to!


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